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Dreaming of Miswak in Islam

The dream of Miswak in Islam has two totally opposite interpretations. In the first case, it is always a good sign. Thus, the dream of Miswak indicates that we are rehearsed, we purify ourselves and try to absolve our sins. Dream of Miswak in Islam can also indicate that one is a religious person, that one is cleansed of all the impurities or that one is generous towards his family.

In the second interpretation, the dream of Miswak indicates bad actions towards his family. Thus, dreaming of Miswak can indicate that rumors are heard and propagated. It can also mean that you are guilty of theft. This is especially true when one dreams of Miswak in Islam and that his gums bleed. However, the blood can be positive, because it can indicate that one purifies himself of all the dirt in his body and his mind.

In these two interpretations, the positive dream of Miswak is in the majority. So, if you dream of Miswak, it's usually a good sign. Whether for repentance or for the fulfillment of one's religion.