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Dreaming of censure in Islam


In the interpretation of dreams in Islam, if one sees himself censured by a prophet, a saint, a godly person, or a bosom friend, it means repentance from sin, refraining from walking the avenues of error and temptation. By censure in a dream, the meaning can be someone who prevents you from speaking, to holds you by the arm or any other constraint. Not to be confused with a violent constraint.

 if one sees himself censured by a prophet Dreaming of censure in Islam

Censure in a dream also signifies love and compassion. If one rebukes himself in a dream, it means that he had indulged in a wrongdoing which he regrets and that he is blaming himself for it. In most cases, censure in a dream means that you are prevented from doing a wrong action or making a bad decision. If an unknown censures you, then it means an animosity among your friend and a possible ennemy. The same is true if you are censored for a good deed.