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Dream of miscarriage in Islam

The meaning of miscarriage in dream in Islam is one of the most difficult because it’s not a primary symbol of dreams. Indeed, the miscarriage is a result, not a cause. The difference between a cause and a result can completely change the meaning and it’s easy to be confused with the symbols. For example, seeing himself committing murder have one primary symbol and one secondary symbol. The primary symbol is the killing and the secondary is the death or murder. And the meaning of dream in Islam is completely opposite for these 2 symbols.

In the same manner, miscarriage in dream in Islam point to pregnancy, secret, relief and heaviness in literal meaning. So, one of the meaning of miscarriage in dream in Islam is simply that the dreamer are suffering of heaviness and he will be sick in the future. However, miscarriage in dream in Islam point also toward a kind of relief, because the pregnancy is a kind of burden and the delivery relieve the mother and his child. So, if the dreamer is passing by difficult times in financial, personal or professional matter and he have a miscarriage in dream in Islam, then it means that he’ll find a solution to his problem.

Miscarriage in dream in Islam means also that one is hiding a big secret who can change many things in his life in the same manner that a child can change a life of his parents. But miscarriage in dream is generally a neutral symbol mean that it’s not bad or good, but just a thing who can happen in his daily life.
If the miscarriage in dream in Islam come with pain, blood and something like that, that the meaning is negative in general.  One reason is this time, the miscarriage in dream has become a primary symbol while blood and pain are secondary symbol. And blood and pain are always negative and point to illegal income, lust, wrong doing, etc.

One thing to remember about miscarriage in dream in Islam is the feeling after the miscarriage if the dream continue or the feeling in the morning. If one feel relief, happy and serene, then it’s means good thing even if one will have to suffer during some times. In return, if the dream of miscarriage is followed by a feeling dirty, impure and are stressing about the dream, then of course, the dream in negative and means a time of difficulty and stress in his life.

The meaning must always be personal. For example, if a pregnant woman see miscarriage in dream in Islam, then it’s can be just his own fears about the delivery who are transposed in dream. Remember, stress, worry and negative feeling will produce the same kind of dreams. It’s why, we recommend to read Quran and do ablutions to calm down your mind before to sleep. If you have worries, stress and problem (as everybody), we advice that you pack all theses worry and to lock them in a imaginary wardrobe and to throw the key before you go to sleep.