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Dream of dress in Islam

The dream of dress in Islam indicates modesty, but it also depends on the colors of the dress. The dream of red dress indicates financial success. The dream of green dress indicates religious devotion, but also a legal income. When you dream of a black dress, then it can indicate the mourning, but also that you will be isolated from the world during a certain time. The dream of the dress in Islam also depends on its length.

The length of the dress in the dream will determine modesty. A short dress in Islam indicates a behavior without any shame and the non-respect of certain religious practices. But that depends, because the dream of a short dress also indicates joy or celebrations. The dream of long dress indicates modesty, elegance and serenity in a couple.

A dress torn in a dream indicates that one is the victim of false rumors or that his worst secrets will be revealed. A dress in Islam may indicate a future marriage or meeting or one that focuses on material goods by turning away from religion.